Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life's Little Pleasure

The sun is just beginning to rise, peeking through the gap in the curtains, rays of light running across the crisp white bed sheet and waking me up slowly and comfortably.

I stretch my legs out and feel the coolness against my feet as they poke out from the bottom of the duvet. Turning towards the wall, I feel him next to me and a smile spreads slowly across my face. He stirs, opens one beautiful blue grey eye and smiles back at me. He raises his arm and brings me closer to him, drawing my head to his chest. His skin is hot and soft and he smells delicious. FP strokes my blonde hair lovingly which tickles his nose. As he kisses my forehead, I smile and think how wonderful it is to wake up next to the man I love.

Half an hour later the alarm clock is ringing loudly, making me jolt upright and lean over to press ‘snooze’. I turn round to face FP but he is gone. I groan loudly with dismay and close my eyes again to try to get back to that lovely dream.


Only eleven more nights to spend alone and then I will finally be reunited with the man of my dreams.