Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jouer à touche-pipi

Another day; some more French slang.

Why do we always look up the naughty words first? It was always the sexual, insulting or swear words my friends and I used to look up in our school French dictionaries when the teacher left the classroom, I thought I might have grown out of it by now, but it seems not.

My favourites today are French slang to English:

Envoyer son enfant à la blanchisseuse – to ejaculate on the bed sheets

Bite à Jean-Pierre – a police man’s truncheon

Tu m’emmerdes à la fin – you’re getting on my tits

C’est un emmerdeur – he’s a pain in the ass

Frangibus – brother / bruvva / bro

Frangine – sis or prostitute (!) or lesbian

Molasses – flabby

Mol(l)ard – gob (of spit or…phlegm eugh)

Rouchie – tart, scrubber, floozy

Jouer à touche-pipi – to play doctors & nurses (Oh là là…rather subtle, non?)

Ahhh the most romantic language ever. And boy, do I love it.


A's Journey said...


Nice blog you have, i enjoyed ^ ^

French slang! nice. The sounds of the words are the same as how are written? i wonder...

Take care!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

^_^ thankyou for the compliment!

French is a tricky business...Sometimes I take an English word and just say it in a French accent and hope for the best...nine times out of ten it works!

Thanks for visiting my blog, please come back again!