Saturday, March 31, 2007

Halfway to 42

I'm flying off to belle Paris tomorrow for a few weeks.

My mum and I are jetting off to spend a girly couple of days together in the Parisian suburbs, where I'll celebrate my twenty-first birthday (Good.God.I'm.So.Old! I still feel 17. I still look 12.).

My mum and I are going to have an absolute blast! It'll be the first time she and FP have met each other...I always find it somewhat amusing to watch my boyfriend squirm with nerves over meeting the 'rents for the first time. Great fun!

Next up, a few blissful weeks spent with FP in his new apartment taking the aperitif and eating baguettes with every meal. Ahhh the French way of life... I'm planning on dragging him to DisneyLand Paris so I can go in the haunted house, and get a photograph taken with Mickey. However, as I will no doubt spend all my money on delicious cakes from the patisseries I may have to postpone my dream until July.

I shall be out of internet range until around Wednesday, when I will regale you all with my many tales of rude french people and dog poo.

As it'll be my birthday, please join me in getting rather drunk and painting whatever town you are in, red.


ColbyPants said...

Happy Birthday! Thats said, I will be 28 tis june, so I dont want to hear you whining about being old. haha.

And I will get as crazy as one can get, in Toledo, Ohio in your honor.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday princess hope u have a fantastic 21st and a good time with FP

R x

Anonymous said...

i don't like the fact you say "rudes french people" and "dog poo" in the same sentence... we are not especially rudes. our roads are not full of dog poo.
France is not a zoo. it's a country like the other with there own culture.
Don't fall into easy critical to make your foreign fans laughing.

a disappointed french

sylvie d said...

Princesse Joyeux Anniversaire!
A Paris passe a La Duree et mange un maccaron au suis sure que ca deviendra un sujet de blog!!! Paris c'est ma ville natale! et n'aie pas peur, il y a officiellement moins de crotte de chien a Paris qu'a La Rochelle!hum...un autre sujet en perspective je pense! je me souviens de la premiere visite de mon roastbeef chez mes parents...inoubliable mais un autre chapitre que je ne vais pas retourne a Fuel!

T.D. Newton said...

haha dog poo

happy birthday!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Awww thanks for the birthday wishes, very kind!