Saturday, March 24, 2007

Green eyes

Is it just me or does everyone get a little jealous when they see a loved up couple together?

This morning I took an adventurous early morning stroll through the park, breathing some deliciously fresh air after having been cooped up in my apartment for what feels like days.

There’s something about taking an early morning walk in a normally busy place when it feels like you have the whole city to yourself that puts me in a light, happy mood. Had it not been for the dog walkers, I would have given into temptation and skipped along the pathway, stopping every now and then to smell the flowers.

And then I catch sight of them; the happy, head-over-heels, I’m-so-in-love-I-want-the-whole-world-to-know couple. They are walking along, hand in hand, smiling, laughing, staring into each other’s eyes. They look as though they belong in a slushy romantic movie (my favourite type).

Just as I am approaching them, they stop in their tracks to kiss passionately, playing with each others tonsils, giggling, their hands roaming all over each others bodies.

And as I pass them, averting my eyes, the girl moans in an undress-me-now sort of way.

Get a room.

My mood becomes dark and heavy. I want my man. I want to be the cheesy couple walking hand in hand making puppy dog eyes, totally oblivious to the sickened individuals around us who don’t know where to look.

Ten seconds later I hear a squeal and I turn around, hoping I won’t be a witness to the lost inhibitions of loves young dream.

The girl has stepped in a mass of dog shit.

My mood lifts again as I continue my delightful stroll.


T.D. Newton said...

Now that's serendipity. Great post.

Jainesh said...

You have a gift, Princess... gift of bringing a smile on weary, insomniac's faces... :-)

A's Journey said...

Jejeje... this post remind me the video: "A quoi ça sert l’amour?"

Gambatte! Take care!

ColbyPants said...

Maybe I am showing my age a bit here but gag me with a spoon. I like the stage after the madly in love stage better, the you know each others family, are comfortable in pajamas, cand actually express your opinions, have some shared history Love the person for who they are stage ;)

Kind of where I am right now



Princesse Ecossaise said...

Gramps, you've shown your age... ^_^

hehe no actually I happen to agree with you Tom but let me say that when you are in a long distance relationship like I am, you can experience these two stages at the same time.

I know FP's family well, and he and I speak on the phone for hours every single day (you can tell I'm a student with lots of time on my hands, can't you?), I wear big fluffy un-sexy pyjamas and we have that comfortable feeling, the feeling that we know each other inside out (not literally cos thats just a tad vile) and he's seen me at my worst...probably when I laughed and something came out my nose...or perhaps when I got sick because of that homeless Glaswegian. Anyway, we are at the stage where we can just be ourselves with each other and talk and laugh about the days when we were shy and nervous with one another.

However, because we don't get the chance to be with each other physically whenever we want, when we do get that chance it is amazing. We can't keep our eyes and hands off each other, we spend all night in each other's arms etc.

Thats because we have to make the most of the time we do have together. And that is a bit of a gift with long distance relationships.

Once I move to France in July it will soon wear off. Then we will annoy each other and have to have seperate beds. (no I'm only kidding!)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

jeez...that comment is long enough to be its own post!

Jainesh, thankyou! You rock, I've never been told I have a gift before ^_^

A's journey, I don't know this movie! But they obviously stole my story and made it into a very dare them! (even if the film was made years before I wrote this post)

ColbyPants said...

long distance relationships are rough. been there.