Monday, February 12, 2007

Size 0 Sucks

Walking home from university this afternoon I was admiring my view of Edinburgh Castle far off in the distance when something caught my eye. I saw a true size 0 man. I don't know if size 0 applies to men but if it does this man would most definitley come under this category.

He was out jogging; wearing shiny shorts from the 80's and a baggy t-shirt. I could see the bones in his knees, I could see his veins and his bones man...his muscles seemed to have wasted away.

What really scared me was when I looked at his face. His eyes...they were bulging out of the sockets like nothing I've ever seen. How sad it is to see someone so severely thin. He looked like those pictures we were shown in school of the people at the concentration camps.

So the debate of size 0 goes on. London Fashion Week have decided not to ban size 0 models, because they feel it is being prejudiced against naturally thin models. Personally I don't believe any healthy adult is that thin. It can't be natural...can it? Who would ever want to be that thin anyway?? I'm a uk size 8/10 (an american size 4/6) and I really couldn't imagine being thinner and still feeling like a woman. In fact in America they even have sizes that go beyond size 0, they have double 0, negative 2, XXS...

I really hope that this stupid ridiculous fad goes away's scary the way it's taken off. But unfortunatley what goes on in the US always seems to start up in the UK too.