Friday, February 09, 2007

my first very exciting

(If you have received this in your feed in July then don't mind me, I'm simply transferring a few old posts from a previous blog.) do I start my very first blog? Well, I should begin with a warning - I'm probably going to be a Bad Blogger. When I was younger I kept a diary which I wrote in only when something crap happened. So, if I was having a bad week I'd write every night of the week; pages and pages about how the boy who sits next to me in class fancies my best friend and not me. When life went back to normal I'd not write for about 3 months. I do promise to write more often...and also about more interesting things. Maybe.

Maybe I should write a little about me. That is, if anyone actually reads this…I may be writing to no one. Tant pis!

I am 20 years old, Scottish (and proud of it, och aye), and a foreign languages & tourism student in my final year. I was born in Glasgow but grew up in a tiny village outside the city – I’m not the typical Weegie girl that one can find rolling around drunk on Buchanan Street on a Friday night, I promise.

I left school after having finished 5th year and moved out of the parent’s home to be a student in Edinburgh. That was in 2003, and since then I have done A LOT of growing up. It’s amazing what a bit of independency can do for an immature little girl!

In September 2005 I lived in France for a year. I studied at a school in La Rochelle; a beautiful small town in the South West. Made some great friends there, improved my French by 3438275788859929204615394764 % and had a bloody fantastic time in general. Met a French man, who then introduced me to another French man, who turned out to be my most favourite man in the whole world. My French Prince; FP.

So that pretty much brings everything up to the present day. Right now I am counting the days before I can move back to France – Paris this time – to start my career and my new life. Only a few months left..hooray!